Ambitious goals can be achieved faster and more easily if we have the help of others. And as a social being, man internalised this evolutionary step at an early stage. The conclusion from this is the following: The right skills at the right time. It goes without saying that this wisdom also applies to companies. Hence, in 1989, BST was founded as a consulting firm for financial institutions.

Over twenty years later, our success is still based on the same philosophy. And that is: to combine knowledge founded on experience with a capacity for innovation.  That's why when controlling the costs of market data we are able to properly assess the quality of supplied data, identify the essential content and finally express the impact on the business and the management of costs in words and figures.

Following the example of evolution, we favour a policy of taking small steps. Therefore, we first analyse the status quo. What has been proven? What goals does the client want to achieve? How is the interaction of team management, workflow, costs and quality? Only when this analysis has been completed do we define the steps to achieve the desired goal.

The client decides whether our consultants work on location, manage the administration team or work as part of an existing team. In addition, the client has the option to obtain the recommendations of our experts by telephone or to draw on the best practice solutions offered by our offices in New York, London and Zurich.

Our project expertise:

Benchmarking: The certainty that you pay fair market prices for Market Data products and services.

Certification initiatives:  Verification of purchased Market Data products in collaboration with users to ensure cost control.

Vendor contract negotiations: Obtaining the best price-performance ratio and avoiding onerous contract content by working with vendors.

Process optimisation: Improving workflows and processes and saving costs.

To bridge bottlenecks and cover short-term outages we can also provide our market data professionals on a temporary basis. In addition, we are pleased to offer our consulting services for one-off initiatives such as vendor benchmarking. Service validation exercises and internal audits are available.

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