• FinOffice Live-Billing

    liveBillingEnhance your reporting performance and eliminate extensive calculations.

  • FinOffice Reporting

    reporting2Simple, quick and intuitive. No more complex adjustments.

  • FinOffice 6

    finoffice6The future is web-based. Beta version available as design approval.

  • ISO 27001

    27001_gm_de.jpg IQNet_gm_al.jpgRenewal of the SQS certification for BST according to ISO/IEC 27001.

date 0101314 45x45 Spring Cleaning for FinOffice

finoffice 152x188The development of our innovative software is just as exciting as its name is practical and down-to-earth. FinOffice is now ready for a spring clean - to keep it simple and unique…

date 0101314 45x45 Found for you

futureOffice 315x188WorkShift: The future of the office. Von Dr. Nicola J. Millard und Steve Gillies

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date 150214 45x45 "Global changes in Content Usage and Sourcing"

BillWhat is the impact on the use and sourcing of content? How bad are the consequences? How serious are companies about reducing data costs and who is responsible for this? And is the end in sight?
Bill Noorlander of BST America answers these and other interesting questions in a specialist article that is well worth reading.  

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