Trust is earned. That’s why long-term client relationships say a lot about satisfaction, and the reliability of a company. What others say about us is, at the least, an indication of whether or not we are on track.

The following is an excerpt of our customer portfolio

  • Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd
  • Bank Vontobel AG
  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
  • Several Cantonal Banks
  • Several Private Banks
  • LGT Financial Services AG
  • Manulife Financial
  • Etc.

"Accurate, reliable and efficient. That is how we perceive the work of BST, who have managed our market data since 2010. In addition, we also save costs due to the regular reports on exchanges we don't use, or use only very little. "

- Managed Service Client

"In FinOffice we purchased an efficient tool that is unique. BST whipped our database into shape and provides outstanding support for the implementation of our contracts in FinOffice."

- Market Data Director

"By using FinOffice, we replaced three systems, countless Excel spreadsheets and a number of databases. In addition, implementing FinOffice across-the-board in administration also brought a significant increase in efficiency. Thanks to the intelligent reports, we identified duplicate and unused services which, when eliminated and in conjunction with the use of FinSelfCert, allowed us to reduce our costs."

- Global Bank

"We came to know BST as a reliable partner who provides us with professional support in the implementation of our projects. We would not now wish to be without the impeccable and very helpful support of BST."

- Market Data Director

"The strength of BST lies in quickly identifying bank internal interrelationships and providing the customer with a customised solution. This is always aimed at demonstrably increasing efficiency in the simplest possible way. We value the services of BST very highly."

- Vontobel

"FinOffice was implemented as our Market Data inventory in 2010 and we are very pleased with the product itself as well as the customer service provided by BST. The BST team has been very attentive, responsive and competent all the way from the implementation phase to the current production environment. FinOffice is a robust and stable application and we have not experienced any outages or technical glitches whatsoever. Our company has benefitted greatly from having an up to date inventory with market data services and costs across the company on a global basis. By leveraging FinOffice we have eliminated redundant/overlapping services, optimized license utilization through internal transfers as well as taken advantage of the reporting capabilities for management and cost center reports. FinOffice has been an integral part of making our Market Data team successful and we would highly recommend it."

- Manulife

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