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To simplify complex correlations so as to make the job easier. This approach is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. That's why we develop software programs for the banking world that automatically perform inconvenient, time-consuming tasks.

We perfect the art of simplicity by recognising and applying its laws in practical work. What may appear simple in theory is often a long journey in reality. To shorten the route, we allow ourselves to be guided by masters in the art of selective omission. 

Working differently calls for a new mission statement.

As examples automatically give direction to thoughts and actions, we opted for a new way of describing our corporate philosophy. We were looking for role models whose qualities stand both for our work and our relationship with our clients. This means: Our products and services have the characteristics that belong to such an unconventional and persistent detective as the character from the series "Columbo". And anyone acquainted with the Walt Disney character "Gyro Gearloose" knows what we mean by a lovable and innovative inventor. Our third role model is embodied by the smart and versatile professor, as personified by Robert Langdon in the best-selling novels of Dan Brown.

Accordingly, formulated a little more conventionally, our mission statement goes as follows: 

  • We take a strategic, goal-oriented approach to problem-solving and make use of all the resources of logic. Thanks to our great wealth of experience, however, we also use our intuition.
  • We explain complex correlations to clients using well-known images and terms from everyday language so that transparency is not an alien concept. 
  • We are inventors who make their discoveries out of the enjoyment of work and things new, in order to save our clients time and money.
  • We hold on to a style which is of timeless character, because it takes tried and tested models and adapts them to the requirements of a competitive situation.

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