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Survey Results


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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the survey and present you with a summary of the responses below. 

Use of FinOffice

More than 50% of users rate FinOffice as good to very good. Two thirds of users have been working with FinOffice for several years and use the software program daily.

 The activities are as diverse as FinOffice itself and include checking invoices, managing market data services, creating and managing market data contracts, accounting and reporting, business analysis, profile management, order processing and authorisations, licensing and assignment of authorisations as well as system administration in conjunction with FinFlow and FinBudget.

Benefits of FinOffice

FinOffice makes the job of heavy users (63%) significantly easier by allowing them to quickly find information and functions and work efficiently and effectively, with the certainty that the result is correct.

The remaining 37%, who have only been working with FinOffice for a short time, value the competent, friendly customer support.

Customer satisfaction with FinOffice

80% of users are satisfied with FinOffice. The majority of users appreciate the clear process steps, easily get to grips with the program and are perfectly able to understand the effects of the actions taken. They also value the philosophy of FinOffice, the tracking system, the history of all data on the user level, as well as the reliability and customer support.

Optimisation potential for FinOffice

Users would like to see the following optimisations: 

  • Improve usability (less technical, more intuitive)
  • Make the software easier to learn
  • Customised user interface with functions / elements that match the professional role / function
  • Step-by-step description of the steps necessary to complete the tasks
  • Task management and reminders
  • Lexicon with market data knowledge that is created and updated by users (e.g. wikis, checklists, tips & tricks)
  • Document management within FinOffice, e.g. for archiving contracts, invoices, emails, etc. and linking them to relevant modules
  • Integration / synchronisation with external systems (e.g. Outlook, Lotus Notes)
  • Summary page with frequently used functions / documents
  • Define process procedures for contracts (e.g. required authorisation steps, reminders for contract extensions, etc.)
  • Define / change the look and feel of generated reports.

Your optimisation needs have already been incorporated into the relaunch of FinOffice. We hope you will feel we have listened to you when we show you the prototype!

Katheryna Rojas is now available and will be pleased to assist you:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • FinOffice Live-Billing

    liveBillingEnhance your reporting performance and eliminate extensive calculations.

  • FinOffice Reporting

    reporting2Simple, quick and intuitive. No more complex adjustments.

  • FinOffice 6

    finoffice6The future is web-based. Beta version available as design approval.

  • ISO 27001

    27001_gm_de.jpg IQNet_gm_al.jpgRenewal of the SQS certification for BST according to ISO/IEC 27001.

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