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Three questions for…

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BST AG has been given a new look. Why?

 In acquiring BST AG, I wanted to enter the market in way that is fresh and dynamic without having to uproot the long-standing, successful company. That's why I consciously decided to keep the name, including the slogan, but to modernise the overall image. And I think we have really succeeded.

So what's new?

The website www.bst-ag.ch has a bright and shiny new look and its responsive design makes it ideally suitable for tablets and smartphones. The eye is at the centre of the new logo. This stands for the all-knowing eye, wisdom, insight and perspective - and in no way for "big brother is watching you" (laughs). But it also stands for goal-oriented, well thought out solutions, control and overview. The two eyelids embrace and protect the eye and give a feeling of security, which is extremely important in our industry. In combination with simple yet elegant typography, a professional, international appearance is created for BST "Banking Software Training".

The new company philosophy promises heroic deeds. What can we expect and who are the models for BST?

 Optimising costs and processes in the market data environment is our core competence. As role models automatically give direction to thoughts and actions, we were looking for role models whose qualities stand both for our work and our relationship with our clients. This means that our products and services have the characteristics that belong to such an unconventional and persistent detective as the character from the series "Columbo". And anyone acquainted with the Walt Disney character "Gyro Gearloose" knows what we mean by a lovable and innovative inventor. Our third role model is embodied by the smart and versatile professor, as personified by Robert Langdon in the best-selling novels of Dan Brown. That's why I firmly believe in the "new" BST, invest in our unique software "FinOffice" and in new sales partnerships and "take good care" of existing and new customers.



  • FinOffice Live-Billing

    liveBillingEnhance your reporting performance and eliminate extensive calculations.

  • FinOffice Reporting

    reporting2Simple, quick and intuitive. No more complex adjustments.

  • FinOffice 6

    finoffice6The future is web-based. Beta version available as design approval.

  • ISO 27001

    27001_gm_de.jpg IQNet_gm_al.jpgRenewal of the SQS certification for BST according to ISO/IEC 27001.

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